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COYD Post on Gov. Ritter and Iraq

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on July 27, 2007

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Every time I see Governor Ritter he impresses just a little more. Last night ProgressNow hosted an event with the Governor at Vinyl. Among other things, the Governor briefly touched on the disaster in Iraq. Two things stood out for me. First, Governor Ritter makes an effort to attend the funeral of every Colorado solider that has been killed in Iraq. Unlike the President, who refuses to allow the public to see the flag-draped coffins of fallen soldiers as they return home, the Governor is willing to acknowledge the human cost of this war, and is willing to actually honor the sacrifice that our soldiers are making rather than pay lip service to the price paid by so many brave men and women. Second, the Governor addressed the impact that the war has had on the states. He pointed out that the war, as we all know, is a costly endeavor. However, the burden of that expense is not borne the federal government alone. Rather, the money being spent in Iraq is money that previously was being spent on programs that assisted Colorado in providing critical services such as health care, education, and transportation. The resulting shortfalls will have long lasting consequences, consequences that our generation will have to face and overcome. For the vast majority of America, this war has been one that has asked of nothing from us. Yet, as the Governor notes, our generation will soon begin paying for the President’s misadventure as a we grow up without adequate health care for the poor, an under educated workforce, and a failing infrastructure.


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