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YDA a Full IFLRY Member

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on July 27, 2007


YDA Welcomes IFLRY, IFLRY Welcomes YDA

Today was a historic day for the International Federation of Liberal Youth as it welcomed the Young Democrats of America as a full member organization, following a very successful seminar organized by both organizations and attended by close to 100 young liberals from over 30 countries on the challenges facing Liberalism.

IFLRY’s member organizations present at its extraordinary General Assembly in Dallas overwhelmingly voted in favor of welcoming the Young Democrats as a voting member, following more than two years of very active participation of YDA members in several IFLRY-sponsored seminars, statutory events and committees.

We would like to thank YDA President Chris Gallaway and International Officer Clinton Bench for spearheading their organization’s involvement within our movement and helping us organize this terrific events. We are convinced that the Young Democrats will become a leading member organization within the federation and that this partnership will tremendously improve and expand the scope of IFLRY.

Welcome, YDA!


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