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Posted by Kevin Bondelli on August 6, 2007

The Truth About Right to Work for Less

Unions Raise Wages for All Workers

Right to work, plain and simple, means lower wages for all workers.

• More workers earning higher union wages means there are fewer workers who
will work for less. This forces low-paying employers to raise wages to get or keep

• Higher union wages mean more consumers with more money to spend. This leads
to more jobs and less unemployment. When fewer people are unemployed,
employers must offer higher wages to attract workers.

• Studies show that unions increase productivity by encouraging new technology,
labor management coordination and increased training. To survive, nonunion
competitors often increase their use of technology and train workers in new skills,
making them eligible for higher wages.

• Employers often offer nonunion workers higher wages to prevent them from
organizing. So just the threat of workers joining a union benefits nonunion

For more information, visit

Khari Wheeler, president
Michigan Young Democrats


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