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Former YDAZ President and YDA EVP Selected NMDP Executive Director

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on August 22, 2007

Laura SanchezBrian S. Colón, Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, today announced Laura E. Sanchez as his choice for the position of Executive Director.  Sanchez is a native of Deming, New Mexico.  Her appointment comes at a critical time for the Democratic Party as it gears up for the 2008 election in what is considered a key state in the race for the White House.“Laura Sanchez is a model New Mexico Democrat.  Her education and experience will help me advance the electoral prospects of Democrats at all levels.  Ms. Sanchez’s knowledge of the state, her life story, legal background, and work experience in legislative bodies and with advocacy groups make her tremendously qualified for this demanding job,” said Chairman Colón.

“I am honored and thrilled to have this exciting opportunity,” said Ms. Sanchez.  “The Republicans have sought to systematically tear apart the fabric of our communities: gutting workplace protections, under-funding the educational system, pillaging our environment, and neglecting the health care crisis in America, not to mention continuing to send our young service men and women off to fight a misguided war.  Clearly, we need a Democrat in the White House.  As Executive Director, I will work to ensure that New Mexico goes blue in November 2008, and elects a Democratic President.”

Ms. Sanchez comes to the DPNM from her position as Energy Solutions Policy Fellow for the Natural Resources Defense Council.  She is an attorney who worked as a Senate Majority Analyst assigned to the Judiciary Committee in the 2007 session.  Ms. Sanchez has practiced in public finance and commercial real estate transactions in Albuquerque since 2004.  During the 2006 campaign, she directed the Get-Out-The-Vote operation for a statewide initiative for the Narragansett Indian Tribe of Rhode Island.

Ms. Sanchez received a Masters in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Arizona in Tucson.  She held a number of political and public service positions in Arizona including working for the Pima County Community Services Department, Congressman Ed Pastor, the Office of the Pima County Attorney, and the Arizona State Senate.

Ms. Sanchez received her Juris Doctorate from the University of California, Los Angeles.  During law school, she clerked for the National Partnership for Women & Families in Washington, DC.  She also has experience working for the California Legislative Analyst’s Office in Sacramento.

“Selecting someone to lead the staff and run the day to day operations of the state party is one of — if not the — most important decisions of my tenure,” said Chairman Colón. “I campaigned for the position of Chair on the idea of being more fair, energetic, and inclusive, and I am proud that the executive director selection process has met this standard.  I am grateful for the executive director search committee’s work with each and every one of the 29 applicants for the position.”


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