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YDA Group on LinkedIn

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on January 16, 2008

You’re invited to join the YDA Group on LinkedIn. Joining will allow you to find and contact other YDA members on LinkedIn. The goal of this group is to help members:

* Reach other members of YDA
* Accelerate careers/business through referrals from YDA Group members
* Know more than a name – view rich professional profiles from fellow YDA Group members

Here’s the link to join:


One Response to “YDA Group on LinkedIn”

  1. Kevin,

    Congratulations on setting up a LinkedIn group!

    Now the hard part. How are you going to get new members and promote it? Let me share a few tips.

    1. Add your group to the MyLinkGroups LinkedIn Group Directory @ . MyLinkGroups contains hundreds of listings, making it #1 place to find and join a LinkedIn group. For group owners, the rich database gives you plenty of ways to describe your group. You can specify the group as open or closed, provide a long description and any membership restrictions, include your regular web address and contact info, specify a primary country and city for group activity, and more. It’s free to add your group at . No account or password is required.

    2. Be a Featured Group @ MyLinkGroups. MyLinkGroups offers a Featured Group program for even more promotion for group owners like you. Mention on your LinkedIn profile and group web site and you’ll be displayed twice as a Featured Group. It too is a free service. Follow the link at .

    3. Visit MyLinkWiki Group pages @ . The page ties together recommendations and ideas for group owners. In particular, visit the pages on managing and promoting a LinkedIn group and LinkedIn event tips.

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