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John Adler Going Strong in New Jersey Congressional Race

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on April 2, 2008

John AdlerNew Jersey State Senator John Adler has recently reported amazing fundraising numbers in his campaign for New Jersey’s Third Congressional seat, left open by Republican Rep. Jim Saxton. A press release from the Adler campaign reports that he has raised$1,159,310 for the cycle and $529,320 in the first quarter of 2008.

The seat Adler is currently seeking has been in Republican control since 1882 (that’s right, 126 years). There is a good post on MyDD about Adler and his fundraising success that you should check out as well.

Go to John Adler’s campaign website to learn more and consider making a contribution to the campaign that will make history for New Jersey Democrats.

This is a new feature of the blog that will be covering prominent races throughout the country. If you would like to nominate a candidate for a feature leave a comment, send me an email, or any other method of contacting me that you can figure out.


One Response to “John Adler Going Strong in New Jersey Congressional Race”

  1. mas117 said

    Thank for supporting a great man for Congress. John Adler brings fresh ideas and real life accomplishments to the 3rd District. With support from Young Democrats across New Jersey and the country, I have no doubt that Senator Adler can run a strong campaign against opponents who support President Bush’s continued War in Iraq.

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