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Following the PA Primary

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on April 22, 2008

Here are some links to help you follow today’s long-awaited PA Democratic Primary.

Google Blog – Five Factors to look for in Pennsylvania

Election Incident Tracking and Mapping

Alternet – A Quick Guide to the Pennsylvania Primary – Pennsylvania Wrap-up

YDA – PA Primary Today: Important Info You Need

Future Majority – PA Election Day Open Thread

Election Journal – PA

CNN Election Returns

Politico – Five things to watch in Pennsylvania


One Response to “Following the PA Primary”

  1. She’s the most effective individual to deal with foreign affairs, which will be the most important issue of this race in the end. How can we fix our economy without better foreign relations? Clearly, we cannot. Globalization insists upon improved relations and returning the US to it’s pre-Bush standing.

    This will be the fourth attempt for Obama to knock Clinton out of the race. He’s been incapable of doing so, which demonstrates his lack of feasibility as a candidate.

    There are good reasons why the superdelegates should ignore the Obama Campaigns cries for all Superdelegates to swing for Obama and instead endorse Mrs Clinton. There’s no question that superdelegates will consider electability as a factor in deciding whether to vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Clinton CAN beat McCain in November. Obama cannot if he is on the ticket as President. Him as VP is a different story:

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