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WVYD Launches New Website

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on January 22, 2008

After a long wait, the West Virginia Young Democrats has a brand new website: It will be the central place to get information on WVYD activities around the state. Add your comments on the blog, sign up for email updates, join one or more of our new issue caucuses, and vote in our presidential poll. We also hope to soon add links to flickr and youtube. Lots of good stuff on the site, so go check it out. Right now.


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Join the McKrell for State Rep Facebook Group

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on January 17, 2008

A Democratic activist from Bloomfield announced Tuesday he will seek the state House seat being vacated by Rep. Lisa Bennington, D-Morningside.

Paul McKrell, former state executive director of the Young Democrats of America, said he’s running to push “for needed reforms in our state government.” He pledged “to fight against midnight pay raises, extravagant perks and bonuses, and kickback schemes where political work is paid for by your taxpayer dollar.”

McKrell, 32, is a graduate of Schenley High School and the University of Pittsburgh, where he received a bachelor’s degree in public service administration.

Bennington, who was elected in November 2006, has announced she will not seek re-election this year at the end of her first two-year term.

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Three Democratic Youth Voting Groups Team Up in Nevada to Stop One Night Stands

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on January 17, 2008

Young Voter PAC
Hope to Turn Out the Youth Vote and Provide a “Meaningful Relationship with Democracy”

Las Vegas, NV-Three Democratic youth groups-Democrats Work, Young Voter PAC and Young Democrats of Nevada-are teaming up in Nevada to let young people know they need to caucus for Democrats on January 19th, but they don’t want it to be a one night stand.

“The lesson of Iowa and New Hampshire is that if you connect with young people in meaningful ways, they get involved,” said Thomas Bates, executive director of Democrats Work. “Our mission at Democrats Work is to engage young people in a new kind of politics – a politics of service – that blends community service and political action to make sure they stay involved after Saturday. Helping to turn out the youth vote on Saturday is the first step. With community service projects, Democrats will make sure that we don’t wait until November to engage young people again.”

Using a creative message to get young people’s attention and using non-traditional outreach in high school parking lots, bars and coffee shops, the three Democratic youth groups are hitting the streets to get their peers to the Nevada caucus and to provide opportunities all year long for them to stay involved in Democratic politics.

“Since August, the Young Democrats of Nevada have been aggressively educating young voters about the caucus process at high schools, colleges and communities around the state,” said Jason Fromoltz, President of the Young Democrats of Nevada. “We have seen firsthand the excitement among Nevada’s youth that has been generated by this campaign season and know that the youth vote will play a crucial role in deciding the winner of the Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucus.”

All three groups will remain active in Nevada after the caucus is over. Through community service programs, Young Democrat chapters and supporting candidates who target young people, the groups offer a wide range of activities young people in Nevada can do to have a “meaningful relationship with Democracy.” Research shows that with continued involvement more young people will show up for Democrats on Election Day in November.

“Young people showed up strong for Democrats in both Iowa and New Hampshire, now all eyes are on Nevada,” said Jane Fleming Kleeb, the executive director of the Young Voter PAC. “Nevada young people increased their voting in 2004 by 13% and we know if candidates and youth groups target young people they will turn out again.”

More About the Groups:
Leaders of the groups quoted in this release, and featured below, will be in Las Vegas and are available for interviews. Press is also welcome to come with the volunteers to bars and other spots around Las Vegas.

Democrats Work is a national organization that mobilizes Democratic volunteers to do community service projects. Last year, DW partnered with Democratic organizations and elected officials in Nevada to paint out graffiti in Las Vegas and build trails and cleanup parks in Reno. Democrats Work was founded by Bates and his college roommate, Jason Carter, who is the son of 2006 U.S. Senate candidate, Jack Carter, and a grandson of former President Jimmy Carter.

Young Voter PAC, a national group that helps Democrats win with the youth vote, is based on a simple idea…that politics is better off with more young people involved. The youth vote has emerged as a critical bloc of voters for Democrats in recent years and the Young Voter PAC helps Democratic candidates, state parties and allied groups with their youth vote strategies.

Young Democrats of Nevada is the official youth arm of the Nevada State Democratic Party. The Young Democrats is the largest youth political organization in the state of Nevada, comprised of chapters from schools and communities from around the state.

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Former PAYD Executive Director to Run for PA State House

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on January 15, 2008

Democratic Party Activist to run for State House | Keystone Politics

Pittsburgh resident and longtime Democratic insider Paul McKrell announced today that he will seek to represent District 21 in the Pennsylvania State House. Earlier this month, first-term legislator Lisa Bennington announced she would not run for the seat again after being frustrated by Harrisburg politics.

“I made the decision to answer the call to public service in order to bring a fresh, dynamic voice to the legislature, and in order to continue pushing for needed reforms in our state government,” said the 32 year old McKrell.

“Pennsylvania is losing faith in the Harrisburg politicians. Our neighbors in District 21 do not want to settle for more of the same,” McKrell said in a statement released today.

Paul McKrell was formerly the Pennsylvania Executive Director of the Young Democrats of America and until recently was a campaign staffer for Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned a BA in Public Service Administration.

The 21st district consists of parts of the City of Pittsburgh; Sharpsburg, Etna, and Millvale Boroughs; and portions of Ross, Reserve, and Shaler Townships.

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YouTube – Uncommitted is UNPREDICTABLE! Obama Supporters for Kucinich

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on January 14, 2008

YouTube – Uncommitted is UNPREDICTABLE! Obama Supporters for Kucinich
Isaac Robinson interviewed on Call’Em Out talk show in Detroit, MI. He outlines why it is best to vote for Dennis Kucinich rather than vote uncommitted if you are an Obama supporter.

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YDA NE Region Director Michael Gilberg in Boston Globe

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on January 12, 2008

Young Dems from NY in NH to get out primary vote

January 5, 2008

MANCHESTER, N.H.—In the final weekend before New Hampshire’s presidential primary, leaders from the New York State Young Democrats and Young Democrats of America are in the state to get out the youth vote.

Michael Gilberg, Northeast Region director for the Young Democrats of America said the volunteers are supporting different candidates, but came to New Hampshire with one purpose: to make sure young people vote on Tuesday.

At least 20 young Democrats traveled to New Hampshire. They worked in the Manchester area Saturday and planned to be back on the street on Sunday.

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Nevada: Wanna Caucus?

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on January 11, 2008

Wanna Caucus
by choosing
the next President of the United States at
the First in the West Democratic Presidential Caucus
on Saturday, January 19th 2007.

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Assistance for “First in the West” Caucus Day

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on January 11, 2008

Dear Fellow Young Democrats,

The Nevada State Democratic Party would like to formally request your help in a variety of capacities for the “First in the West” Precinct Caucuses on January 19th, 2008. We’d like to outline a few of the specifics for your review.

Dates Requested
The majority of volunteers would need to be in Nevada on Thursday, January 17th; Friday, January 18th, and of course, Caucus Day itself on January 19th. We will hold a mandatory volunteer training at 8:00 AM PST on Thursday, January 17th; so outbound travel would most likely need be in the afternoon or evening of Wednesday, January 16th. We expect to need volunteers through most of the day on Saturday, so return travel would most likely occur on Sunday, January 20th. It is likely that folks will have some discretionary time on Saturday night, after the caucuses. If some volunteers wish to come out earlier, we would welcome them

Travel Logistics
The NSDP is currently researching special group fares on airlines, and many inexpensive flights are available to and from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. We are also easily accessible by interstate highway from Southern California and Utah. Further details on group rate fares and airlines are TBD, but we would like to have them available this week to facilitate the best fares. If you are interested in sending state party staff, the NSDP has budgeted to pay for some travel expenses, which we can discuss on a case-by-case basis.

In the great tradition of Democratic Campaigns everywhere the NSDP will find housing for our volunteers, relying heavily on supporter housing to accommodate volunteers. While some volunteers may be assigned to hotels or rental housing, we cannot guarantee accomodation in any particular landmark properties. If volunteers wish to stay at a particular property, they are welcome to do so at their own expense.

Ground Transportation
Ground transportation may be limited to shuttle vans operated by the NSDP, running between housing clusters and Cashman Center or Democratic Headquarters. Anyone who feels they need more mobility may wish to look into renting—or sharing the rental of—a car. The NSDP will not pay for or reimburse this expense.

While Nevada is well-known for its excitement and tourism, we are asking for volunteers to work. Volunteer staff should expect to be working “campaign hours,” i.e., 8:00 AM until late night on the days they are here, and the training on Thursday morning will be mandatory. Volunteers will be expected to show up to their work asssignments by 8:00 AM each day (probably earlier on Caucus Day). The primary areas in which we anticipate needing assistance are:

• Helping manage at-large precinct caucuses
• Volunteers experienced in the caucus process to assist at the help-line call center
• Assisting in the reporting center on Caucus Day
• Assisting the NSDP staff with final preparations and project management

Most jobs will be headquartered from Cashman Center; located just north of downtown Las Vegas. Those assisting with at-large caucus locations will be assigned on Caucus Day to one of eight properties on the Las Vegas Strip. Based on need, some volunteers may be assigned to Northern Nevada (Reno/Tahoe/Carson City area).

We can’t thank you enough for your willingness to help lend your talents to the Nevada Democratic Caucuses. We really look forward to working with you and your teams on the “First in the West” Caucuses. If you are able to participate, please contact Missy Luft, 702-737-8683,

Democratically Yours,


A’shanti Fayshel Gholar
National Vice President – Young Democrats of America
Secretary – Nevada State Democratic Party

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NCYD Day for the Troops

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on August 22, 2007

YDNC USOThe Young Democrats of North Carolina will be holding our first-ever state-wide YD day for the Troops on Saturday, September 8th, 2007 at 10:00 am. Since my first post about this event, we have decided upon the exact places in Asheville, Charlotte, Durham, and Jacksonville.

Our purpose is to show our support for the troops and connect with them on a personal level. A large percentage of our troops are actually YD aged (between 18 and 35), and it is our aim to show all of them that we Democrats appreciate them even if we may disagree with the policies they must operate under.

We will also use this day to canvass areas across the state, so it will be a day full of hard work and great reward. Here’s the thing, we need your help.

We need your help to make this a success. We need you to volunteer some of your time on September 8 if you can. If you cannot, please help us collect some of the below supplies for the rack packs we’ll be putting together. You can visit YDNC’s website here for more information.

Day for the Troops Suggested Donations
Suggested Items for Rack Packs
(packs are gender neutral & trial sizes are great!):
Laundry Detergent
White athletic socks
Deck of cards
Paperback crossword puzzle books
Disposable Cameras
AA Batteries
Snacks (prepackaged, non-melting) ex. Pretzels
Pre-paid Calling Cards

Suggested Items for Kids Packs:
Coloring books
Disposable Cameras
AA Batteries
Snacks (prepackaged, non-melting) ex. Pretzels

Suggested items for rummage sale
(Specific to Jacksonville Only)
Gently used, clean household items, recreational and sporting goods, clothing, electronics, children’s toys and baby items.

From BlueNC

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Former YDAZ President and YDA EVP Selected NMDP Executive Director

Posted by Kevin Bondelli on August 22, 2007

Laura SanchezBrian S. Colón, Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, today announced Laura E. Sanchez as his choice for the position of Executive Director.  Sanchez is a native of Deming, New Mexico.  Her appointment comes at a critical time for the Democratic Party as it gears up for the 2008 election in what is considered a key state in the race for the White House.“Laura Sanchez is a model New Mexico Democrat.  Her education and experience will help me advance the electoral prospects of Democrats at all levels.  Ms. Sanchez’s knowledge of the state, her life story, legal background, and work experience in legislative bodies and with advocacy groups make her tremendously qualified for this demanding job,” said Chairman Colón.

“I am honored and thrilled to have this exciting opportunity,” said Ms. Sanchez.  “The Republicans have sought to systematically tear apart the fabric of our communities: gutting workplace protections, under-funding the educational system, pillaging our environment, and neglecting the health care crisis in America, not to mention continuing to send our young service men and women off to fight a misguided war.  Clearly, we need a Democrat in the White House.  As Executive Director, I will work to ensure that New Mexico goes blue in November 2008, and elects a Democratic President.”

Ms. Sanchez comes to the DPNM from her position as Energy Solutions Policy Fellow for the Natural Resources Defense Council.  She is an attorney who worked as a Senate Majority Analyst assigned to the Judiciary Committee in the 2007 session.  Ms. Sanchez has practiced in public finance and commercial real estate transactions in Albuquerque since 2004.  During the 2006 campaign, she directed the Get-Out-The-Vote operation for a statewide initiative for the Narragansett Indian Tribe of Rhode Island.

Ms. Sanchez received a Masters in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Arizona in Tucson.  She held a number of political and public service positions in Arizona including working for the Pima County Community Services Department, Congressman Ed Pastor, the Office of the Pima County Attorney, and the Arizona State Senate.

Ms. Sanchez received her Juris Doctorate from the University of California, Los Angeles.  During law school, she clerked for the National Partnership for Women & Families in Washington, DC.  She also has experience working for the California Legislative Analyst’s Office in Sacramento.

“Selecting someone to lead the staff and run the day to day operations of the state party is one of — if not the — most important decisions of my tenure,” said Chairman Colón. “I campaigned for the position of Chair on the idea of being more fair, energetic, and inclusive, and I am proud that the executive director selection process has met this standard.  I am grateful for the executive director search committee’s work with each and every one of the 29 applicants for the position.”

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