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Kevin Bondelli is the YDA Southwest Region Director from Arizona and a member of the DNC Youth Council. He has previously served as YDA Convention Credentials Chair, YDA Parliamentarian, YDA Judicial Council Member, YDAZ National Committeeman, and YDAZ Vice-President of Finance. Kevin was Undergraduate Student Government Vice-President of Arizona State University in 2003-2004.

Professionally Kevin has been Internet Organizer, Non-Traditional Campaigns Director, and Internet and Technology Strategist for the Arizona Democratic Party. He currently freelances as a web/graphic designer, writer, and internet strategist.

Kevin also writes for the Young Democrats of America blog and guest posts on Future Majority.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Kevin, do you have a version of your 80 Online Book Resources list that does NOT link to the webarchive urls? I can’t get those to open.


    Lesley Williams
    Evanston Public Library

  2. admacisaac said

    Thank You Kevin for including information about the United Nations Development Programme Youth Climate Change Project that I am working on. I hope that there will be more youth interested in submitting after reading about it on your site.

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